12 January 2011

Samsung Galaxy S - take screenshot

Very simple and almost unknown trick on popular Android smartphone.

If you want to take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy S, just:
1. Press and hold (not tap!) BACK button.
2. Press HOME button (while BACK button is still pressed!)
and you will hear camera shutter sound and a message "Screen captured. Saved as image file".

SGS saves screenshots in folder /sdcard/ScreenCapture.
Your SGS should have Froyo installed to work with this trick.


Anonymous said...

Katere widgete imaš to na zaslonu?

Iztok Grilc said...


Od zgoraj navzdol:
- Smooth calendar,
- System Info Widget,
- System Info Widget (še drugič),
- ne vem imena (neka zadeva, ki je bila zraven JPY firmware na SGS).