03 July 2013

Reset data usage on Android

Many users want to clear data usage statistics on their Android. Unfortunately, there is no option in settings. You can change Data Usage Cycle, but this isn't what many users want. After some investigation, I found a solution.

If your Android device is rooted, you can reset data usage statistics with removing some files.

Simply delete (or better move) all files from /data/system/netstats folder and restart a device.
I suggest ES File Explorer for this procedure - a super app for file management on Android. Of course, you can use any other (root consciousness) file manager or even a terminal window. 

In terminal window write:
$ su
# rm /data/system/netstats/*

And restart the device. It works for me, but I can't guarantee that it will works on your device. Be careful - if your device is rooted, you can change/delete some important files!
Please - leave comments if this still works.

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Hung said...


Iztok Grilc said...


Anonymous said...

Nice :)

Worked great, thanks for this

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot!!!^_^
it works!!

Iztok Grilc said...


Anonymous said...

it worked.. thanks...

Anonymous said...


I'm using ICS.
Nothing worked with ES although I have activated Root.

Only terminal permitted me to do it:
$ su
# rm /data/system/netstats.bin
# rm /data/system/netstats_xt.bin
# rm /data/system/netstats_uid.bin
# sync
# sync /data/system/
# sync /data/system/*

Then I shut off the Terminal and removed my battery

I rebooted and finally it was OK

It's possible I added unsignificant command lines with sync but I didn't want to add some again and again and reboot and reboot....
All I know is that you have to "sync" once to synchronize data in memory with data on disk

Iztok Grilc said...

Thank you for your report.

Tom said...

sync flushes all filesystem buffers, you don't need to pass a path to it.

shihaam Abdul Rahman said...

You can do it without root.. Using ADB, Requires a PC though

Michael Ogbea said...

@ Abdul, how pls I'll like to know

Marli Abazaj said...

Didnt work for me. ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜”

Iztok Grilc said...

Hm, this post is over three years old ... and I'm not sure, if everything still works.

Anonymous said...

Clearing the files in netstats folder works in most devices..but in my case this method also clears all the google accounts from the devices as well.
Is this the same for others too?