06 March 2012

Synchronizing Android with Exchange (Corporate)

Some of Android users have a corporate Exchange account and want to use it for Email, Contacts and Calendar on their phones.

 It looks promising, when you start - you add an Corporate account (maybe you will need your system administrator for little help, but it is simple procedure) and adjust settings (time and amount of synchronization ...). After that, you check Email. It works. Then go to Contacts (set the right account!). It also works. At the end you check Calendar ... nothing is there. When you want to set Calendar to use Corporate (Exchange) account, phone don't show any available account. Even restart won't help.

1. Enable push in Corporate (Exchange) account settings.
2. Wait - Calendar will be synced.
3. You can now disable push. I use manual synchronization, you can use any time dependent.
After this procedure, even when push is disabled, the calendar will be synced properly.

This is very often issue on Android phones. I was faced with difficulties on ICS (Android 4.0.3) in combination with Exchange 2010.


elcromosomax said...

I have a Corporate account (Exchange), and the mail works fine, but the Calendar app doesn't show any Exchange calendar...

I've tried several times what you propose, but it doesn't work to me...

Does anybody know another way to fix it?


elcromosomax said...

It has finally worked!
I was not syncing the Mail (again), just the Calendar.
So it works only when you sync BOTH Mail and Calendar, following your instructions.
Thank you.

Iztok Grilc said...

Super. Nice to hear.