12 July 2019

Enable VoLTE and VoWifi on OnePlus 5

VoLTE (Voice over LTE) delivers voice calls over the internet. It is a digital packet voice service with many benefits for mobile operators and consumers.
Here are three main benefits for consumers:
- supports higher quality calls
- connects calls much faster (lower latency)
- improved battery life.

You can use VoLTE only if your phone and network support it.
My mobile network (Telekom Slovenija) supports it and VoLTE enabling is easy in the web dashboard:

The second part was enabling the VoLTE feature on the phone. Almost all modern phones support it, but some of them don't have this feature in the menu. My OnePlus 5 didn't show it (this depends on some reasons), but I knew that it is supported. Here is a simple tutorial on how to enable it.
The process is quite simple but be aware that something can still go wrong :-)

1. Open the dialer on your phone and type *#800#
This will start a special OnePlus app which is usually used when OnePlus service team try to help you with problems. Don't worry, press Enter to start the magic :-)
2. Click "oneplus Logkit":

3. Click "Function Switch":

3. Enable VoLTE (and VoWifi if you wish):

And then restart your phone. This is important!
After the phone comes to life, go to "Settings -> Wi-Fi & Internet -> SIM & Network" and there should be a new feature (or two of them if you enable VoWifi beside VoLTE):

That's it. I hope this short article will help you if your OnePlus doesn't have a VoLTE feature in the settings. 


Guru:-) said...

Awesome 😊 worked for me.. I have problem with my network in indoor.. This solves my problem.. Thank you!!

Iztok Grilc said...


Shreya said...

After pressing the functional switch option, only first 4 icons are been shown. There is no volt option. I am using oneplus5. Pls help

Iztok Grilc said...

Sorry Shreya, I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, it worked!

Iztok Grilc said...


harsh gupta said...

Thank you for solving my problem. I was struggling with no network indoors.

Iztok Grilc said...

Nice to hear that.

Salekin Raz said...

The VoLTE Switch option is not present in my one plus 5 when I open the function switch. How can I do it?

Iztok Grilc said...

It looks that VoLTE Switch option disapears with upgrade to Anndroid 10 on OnePlus 5.
But now you can find it in Settings -> SIM & network -> VoLTE (Use VoLTE when available).
Can you report if this helps?

Salekin Raz said...

Mine is updated to android 10.But the option is also unavailable in the settings

Iztok Grilc said...

Interesting. Maybe wait until OnePlus send us a patch for Android 10.